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After years of not really paying attention, I finally have stumbled onto the joy of Miso soup. I've made it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and with a wonderful assortment of additions, depending on what's in the fridge.

I am lucky to have a Korean market nearby which has lots of pan-Asian ingredients. They have a miso paste with the dashi already in it, and it's not bad, so I have been using that. I use 1 Tbs per cup of water, and I like the strength.

I always add wakame, which is a dried seaweed that blooms into beautiful emerald leaves in the hot soup, and a sliced scallion.

The Korean market has aisles of noodles, both fresh, frozen, and dried, and we have tried many. Some are Japanese, like soba, udon, or ramen. There are some just labelled "Korean noodles" in various widths, from thin angel hair to thick ramen-like noodles (but straight instead of bendy). We tried spinach soba a few weeks ago, and I didn't really like the texture, but my husband liked those noodles a lot.

I add tofu, or thinly sliced chicken breast, or pork tenderloin, depending on what's on hand.

Before the spinach scare, I always had some in the fridge and would blanch it in with the last few minutes of the cooking noodles, and add that to the bowl too.

Mushrooms are also good, even a sliced white mushroom is nice, but there are so many varieties at the market, I try to pick up a new one every few weeks and try them out.

There are probably some Miso rules that I am breaking, who knows? I know that when I go for ramen, I can get Miso-ramen, so I just consider this a variation of the plain Miso soup and Miso-Ramen, and leave it at that.

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