I'm not a food stylist

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...by any stretch of the imagination. I'll try and post appetizing photos when I can, and see how it goes. My intention with this blog is to keep track of recipes that I like, whether the husband wants a do-over or a do-different or a please-don't.

I'll be trying to keep most of the recipes within the Weight Watchers Core Foods list, but other things will always creep in. I am also trying to use this blog to keep myself on track.

Some recipes will be my own invention, some will be from sources like Cooking Light Magazine or Weight Watchers Magazine or other cookbooks. Sometimes I find a recipe and immediately change it without even trying it as written, sometimes I follow the directions explicitly. I'll mention the source if there is one, even if it is only the inspiration for what I've done.

Let's just see how it goes, eh?

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